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Where to start for a healthier you

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Turning it Round

Starting is always the hardest part. Realising you want to do something about how you look and more importantly, how you feel, is the very first step so congratulations - you're on your way!

I've written hints and tips in various places and I'll try not to repeat myself. I've started an index that you can check out when you have the time.

OK so there are some hard truths to face

  •  - there are no short cuts
  • - it all takes time
  • - you need to change your attitude to what you eat
  • - you need to change your attitude to how you move

That said - it can be relatively painless. As a woman over 60 I am so NOT interested in a starvation diet or in grunting and groaning through some sweaty class. So I am here to tell you it doesn't have to be like that. You can be in charge. Trust yourself to know what is best for you and what you can cope with.

Be realistic - know what you can do.

Be patient, it times to change bad habits into new healthier one but the good news is when you start to feel better and start to lose that flab it motivates you and you want to do more of the same. There may be some disappointments along the way but stick with it without sweating the little things. Don't give yourself a hard time if you eat a chocolate biscuit or take the bus into town - there is always tomorrow. I think it is taking the worry out of it that makes it easier. Don't look on it as A DIET and EXERCISE PROGRAMME, look it as a change of lifestyle, a choice to be healthier.

There are a couple of things you are aiming for

  1. - you are going to change your diet to healthier alternatives
  2. - you are going to move more

Let's face it, losing weight is all about using more calories than you consume. Weight management is balancing it all. Once you reach your target weight, that is what you will be doing.

grapefruit, tape measure and scales
Grapefruit, measuring tape and scales by annmackiemiller

You lose weight by a) eating a healthy diet and b) moving muscles. If you are overweight it is REALLY important you do some toning exercise to get rid of the flab and that is what I am going to concentrate on in subsequent posts. I will give you some tips on how to get those muscles moving in a bid to tone and slim and to generally help you feel better about yourself.

They are all suitable for women and men over 60 years old, they are not strenuous but they are effective.

Do only as much as you are comfortable with.

You DON'T have to do them all or even all at once, ie in one session. You can add an odd exercise in at any time during your day. If you go for it hell for leather right from the start the chances are you won't continue. Start slow and carefully and the chances are you will begin to feel so much better you will want to do more. Just give yourself time and give yourself a chance.

There are a couple of my summary articles you might find useful so I will leave you with that. Tomorrow we start to STRETCH AND SLIM.

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